About BeltOutlet.com

 BeltOutlet.com specializes in value-priced men's, women's and children's accessories. With products ranging from classic belts and suspenders to the latest styles in wallets, scarves, headwear and pajamas, we strive to bring the greatest value at the best prices. Along with core products from popular brands and exclusively manufactured private label products, we buy close-outs, special buys and overruns from quality manufacturers to offer big savings on most of our merchandise.   

Private Label Brands




Identified by the Helping Phoenix logo, Ascentix was created from a  combination of the words “ascent” and “phoenix” in order to capture the BeltOutlet mission of We Sell To Help. By donating more than 15% of our profits to charitable causes, we hope to help others ascend to new heights. Many we strive to help are recovering from natural disasters and personal setbacks and we hope to give them a second chance, like the phoenix rising from the flames to new life. 

Just like the elevated quality of life we have given to those we’ve  helped, you can expect an elevated quality of craftsmanship from  Ascentix products. We know the style found in this line will breathe new life into your wardrobe and help you to ascend to great heights.




Characterized by value priced clothing accessories since 1999, CTM®  is the private label of BeltOutlet. But what do those letters mean? In  the early days of BeltOutlet, we sold products from well-known brands  but also found manufacturers that could produce similar products at a  much more economic price point. This seemed like a great fit for our  budget-conscious customers, who were seeking quality clothing  accessories at outlet prices.

In an effort to create a unified brand for these products, the founder was inspired by his wife’s frugal yet fashionable style and thought she embodied everything this new brand should be. So the new products were branded using her initials and CTM® was born!

Today, CTM® has grown to thousands of clothing accessories for the  entire family while delivering unbeatable value to today’s consumer.

Other Brands